Sometimes you get stuck in life and you have nothing to do but to go to a fast food restaurant. Here’s a whole list with pictures of what to order if you’re on the keto diet or on a low carb diet.


Order an “Egg white delight with an extra egg” – Thanks, Nicole!

Order a “Bacon Mcdouble, no ketchup or bun!”- Thanks, Larah!

Order a “Grilled chicken salad” but don’t use the packet, order a ranch dipping cup for nuggets or bring your own! Way lower carb. Thanks, Michelle!

Order 2 sausage patties and an egg! Thanks, Joanna!

Taco Bell

Order a “Power bowl, no rice or beans, extra chicken, lettuce, and avocado ranch sauce.” Thanks, Amber!

Steak power bowl with no beans or rice, added jalapenos. Thanks, Letty!

Jersey Mikes

Order the tub option at Jersey Mikes… philly cheese with extra steak for under $10! Thanks, Aaron!


Order a breakfast flatbread without the flatbread. It’s egg white, egg yolk, cheese, bacon and sausage. Thanks, Cassie!


Order a chili cheese dog with no buns or beans! Thanks, Christina!

Jimmy John’s

Order an “Unwich” with any sandwich option! It is wrapped in lettuce. Thanks, Hallie!


Order grilled nuggets with a side salad! Thanks, Joey!

Which Wich Sandwiches

Order a “Wicked Lettuce Wrap” Thanks, Lynette!

5 Guys Burgers

Order a bacon cheeseburger bowl with mayo and mustard. You could also ask for grilled mushrooms. Thanks, Laura!

Firehouse Subs

Order no bun on bed of lettuce sandwich! Thanks, Kim!

In N Out Burger

Order an “In-N-Out double double protein style, animal style burger. ” Thanks, Anna!

Pizza Hut

Order a no crust pizza! It seems like only certain stores do this so ask first. Thanks, Brandye


Order an Avocado southwest chicken salad! Thanks, Robert!

Order a Wendy’s baconator without bun or ketchup, add guacamole – Thanks, Polly!

Panera Bread

Panera’s green goddess Cobb salad. No onions and no tomatoes. 😍” Thanks, Eve!


Order a “Breadless Reuben with extra meat from Arby’s.” Thanks, Susan!

Order “Turkey bacon club no bread. It’s just turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato” Thanks, Rebecca!

Order a “Roast beef gyro in a bowl from Arby’s” Thanks, Margaret!


Order KFC’s grilled chicken with green beans!


Order a “bunless double bacon cheeseburger with mayo/mustard!” Thanks, Linda!


Order Lettuce salad, half chicken, half steak, cheese, sour cream, pico & guacamole! You can use any meat but no beans or rice. Thanks, Tonya!


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